Safety 2

Tan gently

As a general guide it is best not to exceed 20 sessions per year; make a note of your number of sessions so you will not forget.

If using a commercial salon, tell the staff about your normal skin reaction to sunlight, bearing in mind that you may be exposing parts of your body not normally exposed to the sun.

The operator of the equipment should then advise you on how long to use it; don’t exceed this time.

Don’t try to get a quick tan by;

  • exceeding the recommended times;
  • having too many tanning sessions;
  • having more than one session a day;
  • sunbathing on the same day.
Seek advice about any problems

If you notice any abnormal skin reactions developing during the tanning session, stop the exposure at once and do not use tanning equipment again before consulting a doctor.

If you develop any abnormal skin reaction after a tanning session, do not use such equipment again before consulting a doctor. Seek medical advice if you notice any change in the appearance of a mole.

Protect your eyes

Make sure you use the goggles or other eye protection provided, before using the equipment;these should be worn all the time the equipment is switched on; if no eye protection is used, do not use the equipment.

Understand the equipment

Make sure you know how to use the equipment properly; switch it off; call for help in an emergency.

Don’t rely on your tan for protection

The tan obtained from cosmetic tanning equipment can give some mild protection from burning when you go into the sun, but it never gives complete protection. Nor does it provide much protection against the long-term health risks mentioned earlier. You should still follow sensible advice on safety in the sun such as that published by the Health Education Authority and cancer charities (eg Cancer Research Campaign, Imperial Cancer Research Fund). Know your skin

No matter whether you get your tan from the sun or tanning equipment, you should learn to recognise the early warning signs of serious damage.

Most skin cancers are completely curable if detected in the early stages.

Look for progressively changing moles or other skin discolorations. If you have any doubts, consult your doctor.

Don’t delay.

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