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The Golden Rules of Tanning..Don’t overdo it!

This is the most important rule of all, which means that you should sunbathe no more than once a day.

The rule of thumb is a maximum of ten times within a fortnight to three weeks. One to two times a week are sufficient to conserve the tan reached. In addition, the following tips should be observed.

Tanning in Spring
  • prevents spring fatigue.
  • builds a skin-inherent light protection
  • prepares the skin for summer
Tanning in Summer
  • prepares the skin for holidays
  • comforts people who have to spend their holiday at home
  • produces a nice tan without the heat of summer
Tanning in Autumn
  • prolongs summer
  • renders healthy and relaxed looks
  • makes you fit for winter
Tanning in Winter
  • provides rays of hope for a better mood
  • improves health
  • renders a dynamic, active appearance


The Tanning Plan

By carefully planned preliminary tanning , sun allergies and the so-called Mallorca acne can be avoided.

Keep to the tanning time recommended for your type of skin.

The International agreed Standard (Euronorm) recommends no more than 50 sessions per year.

Remove all cosmetics from the skin before tanning, and take off all jewellery.

Do not use any suntan products on a sunbed, except those produced especially for sunbeds.

If you are taking any medicine, please ask your doctor before tanning if it causes any photosensitivity.

Keep your eyes closed during tanning, and always wear protective goggles.

Treat the skin before and after tanning so that a nice tan is conserved longer. For the care of the skin, sunbed cosmetics are especially suitable as they have adapted to the special requirements of the tanned skin.

Plan your Tan and stay Healthy…
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