Spray Tans

Our spray tan treatment is carried out by a fully qualified beautician who on arrival will give you a full consultation to tailor your tan to your specific requirements for example how dark or light you would like you tan to be. The tan is applied by a spray gun which will leave a slight mist over your body which will dry instantly leaving you with a natural instant even tan. Treatment will take 15 mins approx.

Original 10% for medium to light skin giving an all over sun kissed look, you will need to keep this on 10 hrs. before you can shower off, this will last 7 to 10 days however you must follow the maintenance program to get the most from your tan. Dark 12% for a darker to medium skin to achieve a deep dark tan, you will need to keep this on 10hrs before you can shower off, this will last 7 to 10 days however you must follow the maintenance program to get the most from your tan.

Pre Spray Tan Points
  • A patch test is required 24 hrs. Prior to treatment if you have not used fake tans prior or have sensitive skin. (Contact the salon for details)
  • Exfoliate skin 24hrs prior to remove all dead skin cells to achieve a smooth even surface for perfect tan.
  • Remove all unwanted body hair 24 hrs. prior to treatment.
  • Shower prior to treatment and remove all perfume, body oils, moisturizers, as you need to arrive with a clean surface.
  • Disposable underwear is supplied however if you wish to wear your own remember to wear dark.
  • Always come in loose, dark, clothes as anything tight will rub against the skin and may affect the tan whilst it is developing after treatment, also loose open shoes no boots or trainers.


Spray Tan Treatment Day
  • Full consultation will be given in our private spray tan room.
  • Remove all make up and deodorants with wet wipes salon provide.
  • Remove jewellery, clothing, contact lenses, change into disposable underwear and put on rob supplied by beautician who will return to room after you have prepared.
  • All hair will be covered by disposable hair net.
Maintaining Your Spray Tan
  • After 10 hrs. have a warm shower avoiding high pressure, keep it a gentle flow, allow all the tan to wash away then wash with a nonabrasive, moisturising shower gel.
  • Pat yourself dry then whilst still slightly damp apply a body and face moisturiser, to maintain your tan it is best to shower daily and not soak in the bath however if you do, always have a moisturising bath gel.
  • Moisturise morning and night and exfoliate your skin once you can see the tan beginning to fade, this will help the tan to fade naturally.
  • This tan is not a sun protector so therefore if you are in a hot climate always use sun screen as normal remember this is a fake tan and your natural colour is underneath.
  • Avoid any abrasive treatment as this will remove the tan i.e. hair removal creams.
How Much?

Full Body £20.00
Legs £10.00
Upper Body £10.00

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